Thursday, 15 February 2018


The study of biology is supposed to be not complete without relating each species with the principles of evolution.  The lobbying for the evolution has been so profound and students of each batch of life science class become so obsessed with the concept of evolution.
Charles Darwin has been considered as the Godfather of the concept of evolution. We can’t deny that Charles Darwin have made a clear demarcation in the study of origin of species. The people or biologists were unable to counter the shock created by Charles Darwins theories.  Because he was so clever to cover the vulnerable findings that might have otherwise to be considered as the proofs against Darwin’s assumptions.
Later number of biologists themselves came forward to challenge the Darwin’s theories.
They not only put forward several questions to counter evolution of man from monkeys, but also made successful challenges in fossil dating.  They have been raising serious concerns over the vulnerability of Radiometric dating.  The  natural phenomenon like volcanic eruption will affect the uranium lead ratio, even the rays from sun can affect this composition.  So the claims of the evolutionists that human race have been evolved through millions of years and the human also dates back to millions of years is turning to be just as assumptions.


Saturday, 20 January 2018



Why OLED TV display is more close to true life ?
Organic self emitting pixels achieve the deepest levels of black due to their special ability to completely switch off. No light can be emitted or passing through the pixel.  This brings a huge range contrast to the display bringing unparalleled shades and colours.  

Perfect colour,
OLED HDR with Dolby Vision.
ULTRA HD Premium
Harmon Kardon designed sound
Smart TV with webOS

Perfect colour
OLED pixels create an accurate and broad range of colours displayed on impeccable black unique with self emitting pixels only.  This combination is behind the breakthrough in the achievement of the unbelievable true life colur reproduction

OLED is the perfect platform for HDR. OLED technology is perfect partner for HDR as the colours and contrast are enhanced so the picture is closer to your eyes full potential. The future of television will be this OLED HDR combination


The sound quality is the best with the experienced partner Harman/Kardon . The superior speakers will give a high level of sound perfection

SMART TV. with webOS will give you full control of the entertainment with no additional device requirement.

As there is no back light because of the presence of self emitting pixels the the screen is drastically thin. It will suit to the wall and perfectly match with home décor .

Dolby Vision

The TV supports Dolby Vision which ensures brighter and sharper images

You can exploit the NASA TV UHD channel in the best possible way.  Similarly the case of Netflix’s 4k contents

Magic Zoom , Mobile connection and remote

While the mobile connection facilitates viewing smartphone content on their TV , the Wi-Fi connection will bring the contents from the web, the magic zoom will enable you to zoom in and zoom out the screen while watching.

The remote control will further enhance the control in more easier manner

The innovation is the OLED technology were the pixels are self lighting and can switch on and off individually.  This enhances the astonishing contrast range of the colours. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018


Huawei launches a hybrid Wi-Fi system being called as lightning Wi-Fi. WiFi Q2 lets users pair a base station with up to 16 satellites to broaden the coverage of a Wi-fi network. This is also capable to deliver a superfast connection of up to 1867Mbps by pairing with Power Line Communication and mesh Wi-Fi. 

Huawei with its WiFi Q2 is a solution to number of issues regarding the installation of the traditional Wi-Fi network related to width and shape the of building.  The system comprises a distinct gigabit PLC module that facilitate network access transverse walls.  Even though the main unit installation require five steps installation process, the sub units come with simple, plug and play functionality.

As per the manufacturer WiFi Q2 is 5GHz 5GHz frequency band, can easily support up to 192 devices that are connected. It includes a base station and 16 satellites. It supports 16 hotspots and let to add additional stellites without any manual configurations.  If you are looking for a single solution to avoid the mess of number of devices and wires, this is the right solution.

The single Wi-Fi connectivity nature of the Huawei WiFi Q2 enables the system to offer 100ms switching time on 802.11v protocol. Plus, there is an anti-brute force algorithm that helps to prevent any outside or unwanted access to the network.

The new device from Huawei with no any possibility of competitors for the time being expected to be soon in the market 

Friday, 8 December 2017


The first Windows 10 ARM laptops are about to release, and they're promising to keep the lights on for more than 20 hours on a single charge and provide LTE connection at all times.

QUALCOOM announced the first Windows 10 ARM laptops last week. 
HP Envyx2 and

Asus NovaGo are the devices acquiring this latest specs both will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processors.

NovaGo –Asus
It’s a 13.3 inch 2 in 1 convertible, display rotates 360 degree to act both as laptop computer and tablet having resolution of 1920 X 1080

8 GB RAM will be powerful enough to meet the graphic needs together with the 256GB of UFS storage will go in good terms with the Snapdragon 835.  The major attraction is the 22 hours of battery life and 30 days on standby. It will also support full-size USB Type A ports and an HDMI one.

The NovaGo is going to have an embedded eSIM for LTE connectivity, and with the Snapdragon X16 integrated with the processor, it should be capable of delivering stable and reliable LTE speeds.  Of course Wi-Fi connectivity also available to take over when ever the DATA connection fails. 
HP Envy x2
Envy X2 is detachable 2-in-1 unlike the Asus counterpart. It resembles Microsoft Surface Pro in its outlook.

The 1920X 1080 resolution screen is 12.3 inches having the resolution of 1920 X 1080. Like Asus NovaGo this also possess 8GB of RAM and 256 GBS of UFS storage.
Also there is 20 hours long battery charge and 30 days standby mode. There is Stylus to boot kept in the package.
As the Envy x 2 has SIM slot for LTE and USB Type-C ports making it stand ahead of its counterpart.
Windows 10 ARM Laptops
 Qualcomm says that Windows 10 ARM laptops have the advantage over the usual machines mainly because they can stay connected to LTE all the time, last up to 25 hours or more with typical usage, and keep temperatures low and avoid troubled performance
We can say its a smartphone packaged in the form of a laptop that can run a full OS such as Windows 10. But have more options.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

WAYMO to launch Driverless Self Driving cars

 Alphabet’s Waymo will launch a taxi service with no human on the driving seat. The company already fu tested the self-driving cars on public roads in Arizona,
The test without a human in the driver’s seat is first in US of this kind as many tech companies are competing to develop fully autonomous cars.
While self-driving car companies test their vehicles in public, they routinely have a human in the driver's seat ready to take over if the technology fails.
As per Waymo communique the public will start riding its Fiat, Chrysler, Pacifica minivans without human drivers in a test run of the service in the next few months in certain areas where the weather is stable like Arizona and Phoenix.  While the developers are still await a breakthrough to face snow or heavy rain.
Members of the public taking part in the company's trial in Phoenix will be its first customers, using a ride-hailing app.
At first, those passengers will be accompanied in the back seat by a Waymo employee, but eventually they will travel alone, although they will be able to hit a button to stop the car.
It will roll out the service to the wider public at a later date, although it did not say when.
The service will be free at first, but Waymo expects at some point to start charging for rides, a potential way to earn revenue to help offset the steep costs involved in developing the technology.
The state of Arizona has no restrictions on self-driving cars, unlike California and some other states.
"Because we see so much potential in shared mobility, the first way people will get to experience Waymo's fully self-driving technology will be as a driverless service," Krafcik said in prepared remarks after announcing the launch in Lisbon.
With over eight years of testing under its belt, Waymo is a pioneer of self-driving technology and has tested its system in six states, the latest being Michigan.
Last week, U.S. auto retailer AutoNation Inc announced a multiyear partnership for vehicle maintenance and repairs for Waymo's self-driving car operations.
General Motors Co , which acquired autonomous driving start-up Cruise Automation for a reported $1 billion last year, has signaled its intent to test a robotaxi service in the near future.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra said in October the company aims to take the driver out of its self-driving vehicles "in quarters, not years." The carmaker's goal for its Cruise self-driving car unit is to "safely develop and deploy self-driving cars at scale" in dense, urban environments, not suburbs.

Ref: NDTV gadgets. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Now ride with your luggage- Modobag

The Modobag, is really helpful when you have to move across a long airport lounge, that has been a common in now a days.  It measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches same size of a normal bag suitable to keep any spaces.  The specialty with the bag is its capability to ride with a person up to 260 pounds.

The Modobag is surely not a motor bike to carry you through the rough road. Its polyurethe wheels are similar to skateboard wheels that only allows you to ride through the leveled surface without much bumps.  For the situations where you can’t ride with your Modobag its easy to pull the bag with the handle.  Anyways it’s a normal luggage bag in number of ways. There is enough interior space to accommodate necessary cloths, side pockets to put your laptop and gadgets. The body is being built by ABS plastic that can survive heavy hit.

To use it , just open the front panel, pull the handle up and switch the bag’s motor on. Push a small lever on the right to accelerate, and grip the brake with your left to stop.  With little prior practice you can manage the flight check in with Modobag with excitement.

Modobag achieved all points to get the necessary approval by the TSA, FAA and ITA.  It takes about an hour to charge and can last about miles.  It also includes two USB ports so you can use the motor’s  battery to top off your phone or tablets between flights.

Now only place to get a Modobag is Indiegogo at the rate of $1295 though the plan for retail sales are already there.  

Saturday, 21 October 2017


Who can be a guard for 7/24 hours , no... man cant’.  But  Garden Space can.  It’s a unit to guard your garden as watering agent, as a pest repellent and as a botanist.

It is combination of devices namely infrared camera, infrared thermometer and a normal RGB camera mounted on the front of its rotating head,

A lot of people dream about joining the sustainable food movement and growing their own food in a home garden. However, you’ve got to know how much to water each plant, how to space them out and how to keep pests out. All that can be difficult to manage. That’s where GardenSpace comes in.
As the manufacturer claims this the first device to provide monitoring , watering and protection of your garden.

GardenSpace  keep vigil over your garden day and night and take pics to monitor the health  of your plants and water them as necessary.  It can monitor up to 100 square feet- and can provide customized care to the plants in that radius.  It calculates water requirement and health of the individual plants.
During night the GardenSpce will be more vigilant with sharp motion sensors to watch any unwelcomed organisms and deter with the water spray.

The presence of camera with 360ᵒ rotating capability helps the unit catch any moving incidence in its territory.  The GardenSpace sustains its life same as the plants- the sun. The presence of spare battery will help the unit during the cloudy days.

Even the unit comprises numerous components, it will not affect the easiness of its operation. Only you need is water supply and Wi-Fi. With the GardenSpace  App you can view and monitor the operations of the unit with your mobile phone. You should provide the device the name of the plants that you are growing in your garden through the App so that it can monitor the water requirement, chlorophyll deficiency etc. Interesting int it? 

The inventor /manufacturer describes;_
A lot of people dream about joining the sustainable food movement and growing their own food in a home garden. However, you’ve got to know how much to water each plant, how to space them out and how to keep pests out. All that can be difficult to manage. That’s where GardenSpace comes in.
GardenSpace can manage the upkeep of 100 square feet, which is enough to grow $700 of produce a year. GardenSpace should be every gardener’s first step towards a successful yield.
Camera, GardenSpace knows and sees all that happens in your garden at all times.