Friday, 28 August 2015


Enthusiasts are wondering what happened to Project Ara?
Its true there is no any news about Project Ara in the web hardly after May 2015.  What may be the reason?  There were strong rumors that Project Ara will be released in Puerto Rico in August. But nothing happened.

PROJECT ARA at a glance

As the Google says the common man can customize their mobile phones as per their required specifications. He can upgrade his RAM, he can change the camera, he can even upgrade the processor   etc.  The different units (modules) we can assemble as do in our PCs.  As project ara team says “ it will revolutionize the cell phone industry”.  One of the advantage is that people can avoid buying new mobiles time to time when ever the mobile companies launches new models with advanced specs.  Why to buy a whole set of mobile phone by spending handsome amount of cash if the modules are available to suit our taste? Another advantage what Ara is claiming is that with the prevalence of Ara, lot of e-waste will be reduced as the practice of buying new mobiles will decline.


 Finally there is a news.    One day ago Google tweets “ Project Ara didn’t failed in drop test, but working on better designs to hold firmly the different modules.  Project Ara is getting better camera and battery.  There is also a rumor that Google is rethinking about Project Ara’s release scheduled for this year in Puerto Rico, but planning its release in 2016 some where in US itself.
Any ways the eager fans have to wait few more months than expected, but expect for a better one than what we have expected. 

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