Friday, 25 September 2015


ANDROID WEAR 5.1 have transformed the watch to an elevated level of multi task device rather than a device to check time or make alarm.

As Android wear is the heart, it is all about cards, Cards can be apps, notifications, information, controls and interactive tiles. They pop up as and when required for glanceable information and more.

Navigating android wear is easy. Swipe to left,right , up and down for more, cancel, scroll and hide respectively. Tapping the watch face will brings up the app launcher. In short the style and place of tapping on the watch will decide the functions to be accomplished.

There are number of time (watch faces) to select according to your requirement.  You can make use of your voice to get the jobs done

Android wear 5.1 introduced the ability to connect to wi-fi direct from the watch. Wear bring the connections on your mobile phone to the watch. There is no requirement of manual setup on your watch. When out of range of blue tooth the wear can automatically switch to wi-fi to connect to a phone as long as it has an internet access.

Android wear has no keyboard as standard instead relay on canned answers:- voice dictation or emojis, All responses depends on stable data connection on your cell phone. 

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