Thursday, 24 September 2015


Selecting a watch is very personal.  Apple says "how it looks is so important as what it does. So we made Apple watch from a verity of distinctive materials and created a range of interchangeable bands you can mix and match."  

It is created out of an alloy of  7000 series Aluminium that is 60% stronger than standard alloys.Yet it very light suitable for very active life. The sport collection Models are made of lon-X glass the same material used in the windows of space shuttles 

There is Models with refined 316L stainless steel and cold forged it to make it up to 80 percent harder. 

There is another model made out 18 karat gold. As gold is soft Apple have made an alloy and converted it as double harder as standard gold. 

More interesting are the third-party “complications”. Apps such as Dark Sky can insert a small weather-information widget right on the watchface. The number of apps is limited at the moment, but a good example is Citymapper, which puts the estimated time of arrival of any planned journey in a complication.
The complications also act as buttons to quickly launch the app, rather than having to hunt for them in the app grid, swipe through a glance or ask Siri.
The nightstand mode, which displays the time, date, charge state and next alarm in a green hue reminiscent of monochrome LCD alarm clocks. It works well given the Apple Watch has to be charged over night – but no change there to battery life.
The time is displayed when the screen or buttons are touched, while hitting the side button turns the alarm off or the crown to snooze. It works better on a phone as an alarm clock.
The presence of Siri, built-in Wi-Fi calling and many other features makes it as an asset.   Users can also reply to more messages with emojis, dictation and canned responses. Wi-Fi calling is also built-in, which means you don’t need a phone to place a call. 

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