Monday, 7 September 2015


Google to release two devices shortly propelled by its latest android version Android Marshmallow. 

NEXUS 5  and  Huawei Phablet. 

Here are the notable improvements or Android 6.0 over its predecessor  Android 5.0

Android platform change:-There is updation in the permissions user interface and enhanced some of the permissions' behavior.
API change:-Updates to the Fingerprint API – which enables better error reporting, better fingerprint enrollment experience, plus enumeration support for greater reliability.
VISUAL MAIL SERVICE:- It presents voice mail with a visual interface, unlike the audio-based setup in present Android smartphone. 
Extended battery life:- Tests proves Android 6 last double than Android 5 
Screen Rotation:- Now it is possible both portrait and landscape screens both in app and home screen
Network setting option:- This will reset all your network settings including Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth or cellular data connections together. 
New storage indication:- New Android provides a line with tells you the available storage of your phone. How much used up and how much being used. 
Marshmallow has been expected on September last 2015.

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