Sunday, 20 September 2015


QWERKEY Toy's "QWERKEYWRITER" give you the feelings of early typewriters, but at the same time adaptable to modern Tabs. Qwerkeywriter -an 84 key keyboard that just looks like old vintage typewriter that will suit your rough and tough input needs. 

Qwerkywriter stands apart from other keyboards by the appearance and feel like typewriter. But other than  the look; the "Qwerkeywriter" is quite modern including the presence of Bluetooth and can be used for your tablet, smartphone or even for your desktop computer. 

The Qwerkywriter possesses a built in Tablet stand suitable to hold tablets up to .625" thick.  Lithium ion battery gives a battery life of 3 months. The battery is chargeable thru standard micro USB cable. 

The micro return works as a double return key, but can be adjustable up to five lines a function that  would be largely appreciated by regular users. 

But what the big disappoint remains is that the rate is starting from $325. 

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