Friday, 27 November 2015

VIVO on its en devour to give better audio experience

The quality of  audio is gaining more and more attention than before as mobiles are becoming the only listening device.  The dilemma is that the modern mobile phones with slim and sleek body sets a limit to the improvement of audio.  

Among the Vivo series the below mentioned two units will give you best audio experience

Vivo x5 Max: 
Vivo x shot

vivo takes pride in being the first brand in the world to introduce high fidelity sound quality function in smart phones. The Hi-Fi (high fidelity) sound quality is created by a professional hi-fi chip. A dual chip audio decoding programme further promotes Hi-Fi sound quality of vivo phone to give an experience that is never heard before.
To give an uninterrupted, state of the art sound experience vivo’s research and development arm has introduced world’s top audio technology. vivo smart phones come with headphone:X, a cinema sound field system research and developed by DTS, so that user not only enjoys perfect Hi-Fi sound quality but also experience shocking cinema effect of 7.1 sound channel just with ordinary headphones!
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