Wednesday, 16 December 2015


Sweden's Linkoping University become successful in developing a new sort of paper that can store electricity.  The power paper was made from cellulose fibers that were subjected to high-pressure water until they broke down into fibers as thin as 20 Nanometers in diameter. Next the fibers were coated in an electrically charged polymer and fashioned into a round sheet. Each sheet, which is 15 cm in diameter and a few tenths of mm thick can store as much as super capacitors. The material can be recharged hundreds of times and each charge only takes a few seconds. 

The paper is waterproof and was created with no dangerous chemicals or materials. 

The power paper currently holds four worlds records: highest charge and capacitance in organic electronic, highest measured current in an organic conductor, highest capacity to simultaneously conduct ions and electrons and highest transconductance in a transistor. 

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