Monday, 7 December 2015


Cortana's latest update now greets you when you open your device. You will see a list of special days on your mobile and the virtual assistant will greet you on that days. This feature is not only available to windows devices but also will work in Android controlled devices.

According to Microsoft users will be able to launch Cortana from the start screen. Where the virtual assistant will guide you with suggestions based on the location and past behaviour . Users can instruct Cortana to find information, schedule appointments, set notifications or reminders and assist you to use the devise on which Cortana have installed.

Personalization of Cortana depends on the amount of information user shares . Suppose you allow access to calendar, email, contacts and browsing history the cortana can try and anticipate user needs.

Apples iPhone users also will be able to use cortana in their devises. Will go along with Siri. 

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