Sunday, 6 December 2015


Google NOW  provides the android both useful and interesting features with the ability to assist you in day to day activities by just receiving our voice commands.  

-Ask Anything:- You just ask any thing in the Google Now recognizing language. It will give you a smart answer.
-Keep up with your favourite News or browsing sites:- Just give command to remind you about the breaking news, or when the new blog about certain items will publish. It will update you.
-Get reminded anywhere about anything:-  Of course we will get reminders for almost anything . Just tell for eg: "Remind me to call Sam after one hour"  or "Remind me to buy tennis ball" for tomorrows match.
-See how far you have moved:- If you have enabled location and location history in your mobile. The Google now will give you the exact distance you have covered. 
And many many many.................

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