Saturday, 12 December 2015


MIT media have developed an app to control your digital instruments through your mobile phone. An augmented reality app let you draw connections between real lifE objects.
You just point your mobile camera towards the instrument . The instruments digital control panel will come to the mobile screen, from there you can control the instruments.

The app called “ Reality Editor” is made by a team of MIT media . The aim is to replace the use of internet by with more direct concept “ Connected objects” . Main part of the ambition is network is  “De centralized”
According to the CEO of the MIT :  Instead of controlling the instruments by sending the data all over the world (by internet) you just control with your gadgets
You are also safe from the risk of hacking the data from the cloud.

This idea arrives in the wake of more and more instruments being controlled by online applications.  Wi-fi, Bluetooth or NFC standards are being used to work different objects like Car to smoke alarms.

At present compatible instruments are identified by stickers similar to QR codes.  Later it will be replaced by object recognition rather than this sort of identification  

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