Friday, 4 December 2015


Here is how it works. You should hold your phone in front of you, and slowly turn in a circle to film
 the scene all around you.  Normally it take about 30 seconds to film. Then the app converts the image into 3D.  Google have launched last week an app work with the camera of smart phone to enable virtual reality. The App lets you take 3D panoramic pictures that you can view in googles headset Cardboard developed to view the pictures in virtual reality.

 The phone start taking pictures in front, back and side  and you feel you are really there. 

It is really a powerful way to feel the moment. Google says.

Other tech big shots like Samsung and FB also working on the same subject . For that face book has been working with VR goggle maker Oculus and Samsung also partnered with same team to attain this task.

Google have teamed up with action cam maker GoPro which help the common users to creat videos of virtual reality.

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