Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Google search 

The most reliable search engine on earth.  Google search have transformed in to a solution provider of almost all kinds of queries. 


The concept of  uploading videos in order to view by masses was an innovative idea started by google.  As we know youtube has been considered as the primary source for casting videos. Millions of videos on all subjects are now available of all type at our finger tip. 

Orkut and Google+

The concept of social networking started with Orkut.  Even though google have stopped Orkut; its implication to the net world is enormous.  One can see even the facebook is being owed very much to the Orkut.  The social networking now developed as the prime media being used by the people more  than any other medias like TV, news papers etc. and even often stands at the prime position when considering most browsed among the net sites.  By disappointing millions of orkut members google have stopped orkut, couple of years back.  The credentials have been merged with Google+.  Google plus is now popular among the users who loves to publish their articles to the public . Google+ serves as a great source for   such presentations. But we can't say it is a replacement of Orkut as the purpose of the two are different. 

Google gave blogging a professional outlook.  Not only it encourages people to post their ideas, concepts, narrations, travelogues, ads, articles of commercial, literal, political, religious or anything.  Google have gone a step ahead by started paying the bloggers for their ability to attract the audience. 

Google Translate

Google translation service is a great breakthrough to break the barriers of  languages. Currently we are able to understand the writings irrespective of their language with the user friendly Google translation service. 

Self driving car

Google literally astonished the world by introducing driver less or self driving cars.  It was ground breaking invention beyond our dream.  The track record of the Google Autonomous cars are not discouraging. Google self driving car have now gone past 1 million miles after its launching.  Self driving capability is being achieved by the software "Google Chauffeur"

Google Maps

Google maps like other google ideas came with surprise.  After its launching google maps have undergone several improvements. Now it not only helps the world to find a location at any part of the earth, but also being served as a platform for numerous navigation concepts. 


We all know how android revolutionized the mobile phone arena.  It transformed a cell phone to a multitask serving device , an all in one device previously was done by at least 50 separate devices. Namely telephone, radio, computer, watch, diary etc.  Android made the smart phone revolution by breaking the monopoly of iPhones those had been used by elites into the hands of  common man.  Now Android devices are reigning telecommunication industry.    

Multi language writing

Google have stepped further with the introduction of multi-language support in Gmail.  We can choose our own mother tongue to write our letter or article by enabling "display language option" in writing mails.  Or if you want to write an article in your own language  you can make use of in script, phonetic, or even graphic option. 

Google voice search, Google now, google glass ...the list is long.  

You don't have to type your search word on your computer. You just talk, The google will bring you the search answers if you ask on your microphone by pressing the mic button on the search button.  
It will go hand in hand with Apple's siri, and Microsoft's cortana. 

The wearable computer called google glass with optical head mounted display is another surprise from Google. Even though the google glass faced several legal /ethical objections, google have promised it will continue their work on google glass by incorporating more technology. 


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