Monday, 8 February 2016

Jide's Remix OS ; Now the PC version of Android OS

Now you can run your PC with Android. Jide have succeeded in developing an OS a derivative of Android that run on PCs,  
The remix can be downloaded free.  It can be run as an OS for the second partition or can be run from a windows or mac platform.  Most significant feature is its ability to run from a USB flash drive.

Technically speaking Jide have accomplished this feat by developing the opensource version of the Android, Rebuilt it with new codes for interfaces and settings.New learning is not required if you have already an android device.

The Remix save data with minimum  space . The saved apps can directly launch  from a thumb
USB drive , and also save data or videos dircetly to  to the USB drive irrespective of of your PC OS.  Plug the USB drive to your PC reboot and without much work you can run your PC with Android OS,
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