Monday, 29 February 2016

LG G5 MOBILE: Now replace the parts by yourself

LG have unveiled G5 with modular support.  The idea of replacing the parts or modules of a mobile phone as per our requirements is being tried by few companies.  But LG attained this capability up to certain level with the launching of its new model G5.

G5 possesses capability to replace cameras, battery and audio parts ; thanks to the modular electronics. Coming with full metallic body; dimension of 149.4 X 73.9 X 7.7 mm  with 5.3 inch display, of course removable battery, 5.3-inch display, microSD card slot

Other specialty is its dual camera at the back.  An 8MP camera for capturing pictures at wider area angles a width wider than the human eye; 135 degrees. Other camera is 16MP to take high quality photos at camera angle. 

Internal storage is 32GB, But there
is SD card slot, capable to carry 
SD cards up to multiples of 100 
GBs when it is available.  

To present Quality audio
experience LG partnered with 
Bang & Olufsen.  The posterior 
modular slot is meant to receive the direct-to-analog audio converter 

Their direct-to-analog audio converter module plugs into the bottom modular slot and allows for 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upsampling technology for best quality audio experience. 

G5 is operating on Android marshmallow 

Other features:
The G5 can be converted to a fully functional camera with camplus modlue. 
Cam is equipped with another 1200 aMH battery, so no need to worry about the mobile battery charge.  There are separate facilities for zoom, recording and all necessary options that available in a digital camera. 

With LG VR 360 head set it is possible to experience the virtual reality world by connecting the head set via USB port. The spherical camera; LG Rolling boat also can be controlled by LG G5. 

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