Saturday, 26 March 2016


US based company have launched a device to create 3d objects with the help of smart phone. 
Just for 100 Dollars .

The new  3d technology  will create beautiful 3d objects as per the command of an App from your smart phone.  It will work with iOS, Android and Windows.

Its only  720X1150X1480mm and weighs 780 gm only.  Means we can place this in any carry bags of our day to day routine.

OLO uses the light from your smartphone's screen to print 3D objects There are resins of different colours ranging to create products with the  colours of your choice.
You can select 3D designs from either OLO app, internet or social media.

OLO uses special polymer resins to create objects. OLO have different resins for different objects, eg:  flexible  or hard. OLO's building chamber was designed to prevent light penetration in order to maximize the effectiveness of the white light emission from your smartphone's display. Cast  resins for creating objects in silver or gold look alike.

Once an object has been loaded and printing commenced, the app instructs the smartphone to light up specific pixels for a set amount of time. Resin affected by the light transforms from a goo-like substance into hardened material, they said.

OLO can reach a resolution of upto 32microns . You can make multiple objects or different objects at the same time.

OLO is made of only 7 plastic parts, one chip, and one motor.  Just 4 AA batteries will last you at least 100 prints.

The features of the printer as described in OLO site:

01. Breakthrough 3D print technology
02. Beautiful design: elegant and seamless.
03.Cloud-based software: super-easy to access.
04. Versatile: for absolute beginners and professionals.
 05. X/Y resolution: up to 42 microns
06. Z resolution: up to 36 microns
07. Easy: to clean, to empty, to learn, to play.
08. Portable: ultra light, fits easily in your bag.
09. Automatic calibration: no more manual leveling or focusing.
10. No noise: the quietest 3D printer ever.
11. Autonomous: the first battery powered 3D printer.
12. Maintenance: long-lasting actuators, no lubrication needed.
13. Unibody: made of simple and durable technopolymers.
14. Flexible print bed: for highly optimized object removal.
 15. Resins: daylight photopolymers in 4 materials and 5 colors.
16. Engineered: assembled and supported in the US.

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