Sunday, 3 April 2016

NOKIA A1 ANDROID; Reported return of Nokia to the smartphone arena

The glittering of its past  seems not allowing Nokia to withdraw from the mobile phone arena.  The leaked news tells Nokia is about to release a full-fledged smart phone with Android OS.  The Nokia A1 appears to have edged glass of 2.5D variety.  5.5” screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, A snapdradon 652. It will be with Nokia’s homemade  Z Launcher.

 Nokia loves polycarbonate so A1 also will be not an exception.


Form factor is the appearance, size and shape of mobile phone.
Generally mobile devices comes with 3 form factors :
Namely Bar, flip-down phone and clamshell.

Bar form factor:

Most of the smart phone of today are with Bar form factor. The body is a single block and has no moving parts except start and volume buttons . Locking of the keyboard has been enabled in order to prevent accidental activation of keyboard while carrying in pockets or purses.

Clamshell form factor:-

The phone consist of two halves connected with a hinge in the middle. The hinge allows the device to be folded close. Here also keyboard is protected from accidental key presses.  
There will be usually an internal main display on the top part and small display on outside.  The below half  is for keyboard. The camera can on either half

Flip-down phone

This form factor can be described as a cross-over between the Bar and Clamshell form factors.  The device is actually a bar but a thin flip part covers the keypad and/or display when not being used.

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