Friday, 15 April 2016

SAMSUNG GALAXY S7; approaching the goal !!!

Currently Samsung’s flagship phone Galaxy S7 (S7 Edge and S7) stands ahead of other phones.  It is glad to know that the innovator of Smart phones keeping its class in the cut throat competitive market.
Galaxy S7 Edge with curved edge really edge past the multitude of phones with its unique shape and improved features of Galaxy S6.   If you are looking for sleekest, elegant and cute mobile with latest features? Galaxy S7 Edge is the answer.
Water & Dust resistant body, 4GB RAM to run the applications or videos without any flaws, 
The crisp pictures taken by 13 MP camera will tell us presence of higher mega pixel cameras is not the only criteria to make best pictures.
While the  high sensitive glass screen gives catalyst for activities  the Super Amoled screen with 1440 x 2560 pixels ,16M colour screen  Galaxy S7 will give you marvellous viewing experience comparable to modern TVs
The 3400 aMH battery will give remarkable battery life than any other flagship phones of today.
Samsung Galaxy S7 will be the choice of this quarter for its look and performance. 

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