Wednesday, 18 May 2016

BoomStick to enhance your audio experience

BoomCloud 360 launches an audio enhancing device BoomStick.  Plug your headphones into the BoomStick, Plug the BoomStick into whatever audio device and experience a better audio .

It is s an affordable, lightweight alternative that improves the sound that emanates from your headphones. 
TV, Computers , mobiles etc have achieved ever increasing video qualities at short intervals.  The audio severely lagging behind. Only a negligible percent of end users will say that they are experiencing audio to their satisfaction.
BoomStick  gains this enhanced audio quality by writing alogrithms to the processor .

BoomStick can be described as an affordable version of portable DACs (digital to analog converters. )

Other  quality of the BoomStick is its ability to differentiate various sounds.  
Boomstick  work with almost all audio devices if the connecting jack is compatible. Those who tried the BoomStick gave reports of superior dialogue audio and instrument differentiation along with increased volume. 

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