Thursday, 2 June 2016


Project Ara is taking shape and is being released by next year.  The dream project by the tech giant Google aims the revolution of mobile phone industry by the introduction of replaceable modules as per the users requirements.  At  least 6 parts can be replaced in project Ara by the time being.  The camera, the RAM, the battery etc. can be customized; means upgraded or downgraded.

The effort of Google is appreciable in a  sense that it can reduce the accumulation of e-waste.  Certain  parts that can be replaced by the user himself is an innovative idea by google.  Recently LG have introduced a mobile with limited capability of modular telephone.  But it will not come near to the more flexible Ara'.

In project Ara the skeleton of the telephone will be static. The screen, CPU and GPU WILL remain the same irrespective of the modules  replaced. If those parts  got damaged the entire phone has to be replaced still. 

Any ways the digital enthusiasts are waiting for the lunch of Project Ara since quite long time and now the recent developments and news from Google suggests a promising release of the Ara by next year.

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