Wednesday, 28 September 2016

"TrackR, Portrait Pro 15 " the top discussions of the month.


New device lets you track anything for less than you think.
This will work with both Android or iPhone
Unlike the costly tracking units this new technology only costs USD 25 only.

TracksR is a small device suitable to fit in any of the shirts pocket.  Presently over 1.5 mi9llion people using TrackR evey day to find anything including keys wallet. Tracking is a simple matter now.

Place the TrackR somewhere .  Then open the app in your device.  Click the “find device icon”. The app will give you the exact location, where the TrackR is lying . 

The possibilities are much.  Keys, pets, purses, bicycle
Attach to anything valuable that are possible to lose.  

How it works. You install the thin battery inside the TrackR.  Download the free app in your Android or iPhone.  Link the device with the app. Then forget about it. When ever you forget, just click the app . it will trace you the things that are being attached with the the TrackR.

PortraitPro 15

Another excitement from the digital world is the release of the PortraitPro 15. 
Undoubtedly ProtraitPro is one of the most well known name a among the graphic artits circuit .

As described by the company PortraitPro works in a completely different way than the ordinary  picture editing software.  You can add a great amount of photo enhancement as required as this software is trained in human beauty. Brilliant photo polishing work can be achieved by inexpert  people in minutes. 

With rusPortaitPro you can enhance faces as much as you want simply by moving sliders.
PortraitPro Studio Max offers the following outstanding features.
Fully automatic processing of large batches of photos.
Just select or create the types of portrait enhancement you want and Studio Max will automatically apply them to as many photos as you want

Fully automatic gender and age detection
Studio Max is the first portrait software to incorporate a fully automatic gender and age detector, so that you can set and automatically apply the different enhancements needed for male, female and children’s faces.

Eyes and teeth whitening
PortraitPro gives you full control over the eyes, making them dazzle.
Just by moving sliders, it is possible to change the eye colour , Sharpen and brighten the eyes. Make the whites of the eyes whiter. Make the pupils bigger and darker

Mouth As well as changing the shape of the mouth, PortraitPro makes it possible to apply lipstick , brighten and whiten the teeth.  Sharpen the mouth

PortraitPro gives contol of the light, for more natural and dramatic face enhancement.
The software has the outstanding ability to detect and remove most spots automatically. Freckles can also be automatically reduced or eliminated.

Portrait Professional or Portrait Pro is a Windows and Mac based portrait imaging enhancement meant for professional photographers.
Developed by Anthropics Technology Ltd and launched in 2006, it has been in continuous development ever since

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


50 X ZOOM 20MP
 This camera prompt you to take an imaging journey and to create and share stunning photos and movies ideal for such occasions. 
It will give you flexible shooting experience for every occasions. If you want to make HD movies this camera is apt for that. Easy to connect, share and back up your pics or videos.  You will experience the simplicity or sophistication as you like.  Very comfortable to handle and operate.  

Flexible shooting

Experience closed details with huge 50x optical zoom with 24mm ultra-wide angle.  Get the crisp, clear shots in any light.  20.3 Megapixels CMOS sensor and powerful DIGIC 6 processor and capture spontaneous action  with .13 s autofocus and fast 5.9 fps sustained continuous shooting.

Full HD movies.

Full HD 60p movies can be created with one touch of a button and keep footage steady at full zoom or on the run with Advanced Dynamic Image Stabilizer. The software will allow you to combine movie clip, story highlights and videos easily.

Connect and share

Connect your compatible smart device with just one tap using Wi-Fi with Dynamic NFC for easy sharing.  Possible to back up your images in cloud service and capture great wildlife shots with wireless Remote Shooting from your smart device.  The options available are easy to attain the Wi-fi functions.

Point & Shoot

Capture great images by point and shoot and the get the summary of the day with Hybrid Auto. Creativity is fun with the camera with combining s/w h/w.

Ease and comfort

Get pics of great quality even at full zoom . Thanks to technology just created to make images or videos from the distance.

24mm wide 50X

50X ultra opticl zoom with ultra-wide angle

+ 100X Digital zoom

20.3 MP high sensitivity CMOS

Full HD 60 p recording

Manual control
Share and backup images wirelessly
Simple access to Wi-Fi functions
Tag shots using smartphone GPS

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


 Turing Cadenza is going to launch a  smart phone that  challenge the laptops with high end specs.
If the rumours are true the phone is going to have two Snapdragon 830 SoCs.  Snapdragon  830 is going to replace both Snapdragon 821 and Snapdragon 820 and it is going to be manufactured on the f10nm FinFET node.   Even the single Snapdragon 830 will give more than the sufficient  power required then imagine the dual chipset  can accomplish.   And 12 GB RAM  is equivalent to the gaming laptops . 

Turing Cadenza is going to be running OS based on Sailfish called Swordfish.  The  60MP rear camera sensor along with 20MP front  shooter will be the another  shocking surprise. It has been assumed that the apertures will be going to be adjustable like those happening  in the mainstream cameras.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Google's challenges in Video chat ' Effective alternatives Google Duo, and Allo to challenge skype and imo. Fuschia to strengthen Googles presence

It is really interesting that most widely used operating system in the world is Android.  Even though Micrsoft Windows reins the desktop or laptops computer Oss , by  considering the popular units being supported by the OS are
All Google OS chrome and Android are being developed on linux kernel.  Google hardware are based on linux kernel since long time.
But linux has a limitation . It is not compatiblewith devices especially embedded like GPS,  Some devices could not be operational with linux .
To overcome this handicap Google is on its work being carried on in developing a new O S called Fuschia that can even work on  embedded systems .
Google reportedly using magenta kernel  based on little kernel to develop Fuschia.

ALLO : Google’s alternative to Whatsapp.-ALLO
Allo is a messaging App.  One of the Starting Apps of Google’s new communications division.
According to Google official its interface is clean and easy to understand with little innovations from chat messenger like Messenger or Whatsapp.
You start with sign up with your telephone number.
If a photo has been send it shows full bleed on the screen and even you can doodle on it if you want. Another cute option: before you hit send, you can drag your finger up or down on the button to enlarge or reduce the text.  Whisper Shout” Google calls like that.
The chatbot or search assistant  is power ful as it has the support of Google’s  ocean of knowledge base.
Another remarkable thing a bout Google Allo is  ability to help with built in answers.  When your friend some questions/suggestions. A number of  answers will  pop up to help you . Google’s  suggestion chip .
Definitely Google have corrected the bots of Hangout with the introduction of Allo.  Lets hope this new chat  app will survive the challenges of facebook and imesseger.
Google Duo

Duo is Google’s standalone video calling app that looks set to challenge Skype and Imo or FaceTime .
Its only satandalone video calling app as it really meant for this purpose only.  There is no messaging facility like Skype or  Imo. The App only take 5MB of space making it a best option of video callers.
As Google claims the key feature is its speed.  Soon there will be audio calling feature also. Google aims Duo as the main communication service in future reducing the need for traditional cellular calls together.
Duo’s Knock Knock feature exclusive to Android devices which shows you a live video of the person video calling you on your lock screen before you even pick up the phone. Once you click the start button it will instantly change to video calling without any black loading screens or tag.  The app is very responsive in performance.