Sunday, 30 October 2016



With this innovative keyboard the MacBook will be thinner by 40%. 
The new key-board will function with Butterfly mechanism in lieu Scissor mechanism.

Now the MacBook Pro coming out with a OLED strip that have replaced the traditional function keys at the top.

Apple made an intelligent move in restructuring the traditional keyboard by initially restructuring the function keys only as the normal users never bothered about the function keys.
Its just a start. A beginning to the restructuring of the concept of keyboards. The MacBook users will be get trained to the said forthcoming changes being brought to the keyboards.

The news has been circulated that Apple’s buying of a start up company doing interesting experiments on keyboards . So there will be more flexibility and creativity on keyboards including switching between QWERTY and AZWERTY mode.
As Apple products are close combination of  hardware and software this new experiments are best suited to Apple products than others.  

Apple’s work on internal components have not been announced loudly as now.  But they are great in bringing exciting functionalities to the old features. Lets wait and see.

The extensive popularity of social medias along with more application of graphics prompts the need of more storage space. This has resulted in the creation of virtual storage largely known as cloud storage. Google Drive comes as the best among them.  In GD all new users get 15GB free space by signing up.  The users can buy more if required. The array of Apps coming along with makes the Google Drive more outstanding ie. Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, and Google Keep.  You have every thing for creative accomplishment Also compatibility with Microsoft Office.

Pocket allow you to return to a web page after you have done with other applications of your system. This having great use now a days as we used to visit number of sites along with face book or gmail and to go back to the page we earlier visited. What makes POCKET special is its ease in usage. The flexibility of Pocket is so marvelous in sharing the pages with various applications like Face Book and Flipboard and lot more. Having Desktop versions Pocket works with computers also.

This app will allow you to download and make use of numerous Podcasts . It features audio only and video so that you can be avail of any information. Comes in both very attractive light and dark theme you can sync the Prodcasts across your devices.  POCKET CASTS can be considered as one of the best  Android App of the time.

SWIFTKEY Keyboard is one of the best virtual contemporary keybords in the market. It had  undergone several transformation since its launch years back.  Can be downloaded free.  The special features include a dedicated number row,  For gesture typing there is a SwiftKey Flow, cross-device syncing options etc. Now SwiftKey is a part of Microsoft and still going well. 

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