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If you are fitness conscious here are some best health and fitness wristbands to keep track of your daily activities.

Type of wristbands
Activity tracker (rest, moving or sleeping)
Pedometer or step counter calculates the steps taken and distance traveled
Calories burned, moving and resting time
Sleep monitor lets you see you sleep pattern at night
Set goals (sleep, steps, exercise, calories burned, distance traveled)
Some are  water proof or water resistant  so you can take this to swimming and shows time of the day
log and sends this wirelessly to an App (and/or) Internet portal so you can access your personal dashboard and track your activities either online or via an app
Some models logs heart rate and blood oxygen level.

Best Smart Activity Trackers and Health Monitors

Fitbit Charge HR
Its a heart rate monitor and activity tracker wristband . Rated as the  top model in wristband range from having scrolling OLED display. For the big screen lovers there is the Fitbit Surge and the new Fitbit Blaze, a performance wrist watch.
-PurePulse Heart Rate continuous monitor
-Track Exercise; record workouts and real time exercise stats and summaries
-All Day Activity Tracker: tracks workouts, steps, distance, calories burned, floor climbed and time
-Caller ID and watch with daily stats and time on OLED display
-Battery Life: over 5 days
-Monitor Sleep automatically and set a silent alarm
-Sync  automatically to smartphone and computer wirelessly
Available in different colours
Garmin Vivofit 2
The Garmin vivofit,  and the latest  vivofit 2 does not look very different. All the features are available from the original vivofit. The Garmin Vivofit sWireless Fitness Wrist Band and Activity Monitor is a stylist, lightweight, comfortable and waterproof (50m) health watchband with over 1 year battery life. There is a separate model that includes Heart Rate monitor.
-Displays Time
-Steps taken, Distance travelled, Calories burned and Activity Tracker
-Goal countdown
-Inactivity alert (learn your activity level) with red bars appearing if you sit still for too long
-Monitors your sleep
-Syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth with Online dashboard or Garmin Connect Mobile app
-Water resistance up to 50 meters
-Battery life over 1 Year, replaceable CR1632 coin cells

Misfit Shine

This is wrist band with a typical watch profile . But instead of clock face you will get a shiny metal disc made of air craft grade aluminium with LED indicators arranged in circular fashion.

The Shine tracks your daily steps, calories used during sports such as swimming, cycling, running and football. Available in Black, Topaz, Champagne and Chrome.
-Tells the time
-Calculate steps, distance travelled, calories burned and sleep monitor (light, deep)
-Activity tracker (cycling, swimming, soccer, tennis)
-Water resistant to 50 m
-Syncs via Bluetooth to Shine app (iOS and Android) where you can set goals, view stats, trends and insights
-Battery life 4 months (coin cell battery)
-Colours Available: Black, Champagne, Topaz, Chrome, Coral, Red, Storm
For those who love style here is a wristband , the Jawbone works together with the iOS and Android .  It will give information whether you have reached the goal , motivates to do better compares with performance of other users and track your history.
It also serve vigilant to your sleep and tell how deep was the sleep and duration. The wrist band can set to vibrate as wake up alarm.
Available in small, medium and large sizes with different shades.

Polar loop2
This wristband help you to track the daily activities using motion analysis technology.  You can set targets for yourself by choosing the different levels of activity from low to high intensities and work towards them.
Tells the time
Steps counter, distance traveled, calories burned, monitor quality of sleep(restful, restless and percentage restful)
Inactivity alert with vibration to get up after 55 minutes of sitting and add active break to daily routines
Activity goals offers practical guides for reaching daily goals, break up activities into five intensity levels; resting, sitting, low, medium and high
Track calories burned based on personal data; weight, height, age, gender and intensity of physical activity
-Smart coaching offers activity guide to reach daily goals, activity benefit for feedback on daily, weekly and monthly activity, smart calories to show calories burned, training benefit for motivating feedback.
-Automatically tracks sleep time and quality and gain insight to sleeping patterns in Polar Flow web service and app
-Battery Life: up to 8 days
-Syncs to Polar Flow mobile app via Bluetooth (iOS and Android)
-Smart notifications for incoming calls, messages and calendar reminders

-Can be paired with heart rate monitor Polar H7: for energy pointer in smart coach for help to get into shape and current heart rate.

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