Friday, 8 December 2017


The first Windows 10 ARM laptops are about to release, and they're promising to keep the lights on for more than 20 hours on a single charge and provide LTE connection at all times.

QUALCOOM announced the first Windows 10 ARM laptops last week. 
HP Envyx2 and

Asus NovaGo are the devices acquiring this latest specs both will be equipped with Snapdragon 835 processors.

NovaGo –Asus
It’s a 13.3 inch 2 in 1 convertible, display rotates 360 degree to act both as laptop computer and tablet having resolution of 1920 X 1080

8 GB RAM will be powerful enough to meet the graphic needs together with the 256GB of UFS storage will go in good terms with the Snapdragon 835.  The major attraction is the 22 hours of battery life and 30 days on standby. It will also support full-size USB Type A ports and an HDMI one.

The NovaGo is going to have an embedded eSIM for LTE connectivity, and with the Snapdragon X16 integrated with the processor, it should be capable of delivering stable and reliable LTE speeds.  Of course Wi-Fi connectivity also available to take over when ever the DATA connection fails. 
HP Envy x2
Envy X2 is detachable 2-in-1 unlike the Asus counterpart. It resembles Microsoft Surface Pro in its outlook.

The 1920X 1080 resolution screen is 12.3 inches having the resolution of 1920 X 1080. Like Asus NovaGo this also possess 8GB of RAM and 256 GBS of UFS storage.
Also there is 20 hours long battery charge and 30 days standby mode. There is Stylus to boot kept in the package.
As the Envy x 2 has SIM slot for LTE and USB Type-C ports making it stand ahead of its counterpart.
Windows 10 ARM Laptops
 Qualcomm says that Windows 10 ARM laptops have the advantage over the usual machines mainly because they can stay connected to LTE all the time, last up to 25 hours or more with typical usage, and keep temperatures low and avoid troubled performance
We can say its a smartphone packaged in the form of a laptop that can run a full OS such as Windows 10. But have more options.

Sunday, 12 November 2017

WAYMO to launch Driverless Self Driving cars

 Alphabet’s Waymo will launch a taxi service with no human on the driving seat. The company already fu tested the self-driving cars on public roads in Arizona,
The test without a human in the driver’s seat is first in US of this kind as many tech companies are competing to develop fully autonomous cars.
While self-driving car companies test their vehicles in public, they routinely have a human in the driver's seat ready to take over if the technology fails.
As per Waymo communique the public will start riding its Fiat, Chrysler, Pacifica minivans without human drivers in a test run of the service in the next few months in certain areas where the weather is stable like Arizona and Phoenix.  While the developers are still await a breakthrough to face snow or heavy rain.
Members of the public taking part in the company's trial in Phoenix will be its first customers, using a ride-hailing app.
At first, those passengers will be accompanied in the back seat by a Waymo employee, but eventually they will travel alone, although they will be able to hit a button to stop the car.
It will roll out the service to the wider public at a later date, although it did not say when.
The service will be free at first, but Waymo expects at some point to start charging for rides, a potential way to earn revenue to help offset the steep costs involved in developing the technology.
The state of Arizona has no restrictions on self-driving cars, unlike California and some other states.
"Because we see so much potential in shared mobility, the first way people will get to experience Waymo's fully self-driving technology will be as a driverless service," Krafcik said in prepared remarks after announcing the launch in Lisbon.
With over eight years of testing under its belt, Waymo is a pioneer of self-driving technology and has tested its system in six states, the latest being Michigan.
Last week, U.S. auto retailer AutoNation Inc announced a multiyear partnership for vehicle maintenance and repairs for Waymo's self-driving car operations.
General Motors Co , which acquired autonomous driving start-up Cruise Automation for a reported $1 billion last year, has signaled its intent to test a robotaxi service in the near future.

GM Chief Executive Mary Barra said in October the company aims to take the driver out of its self-driving vehicles "in quarters, not years." The carmaker's goal for its Cruise self-driving car unit is to "safely develop and deploy self-driving cars at scale" in dense, urban environments, not suburbs.

Ref: NDTV gadgets. 

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Now ride with your luggage- Modobag

The Modobag, is really helpful when you have to move across a long airport lounge, that has been a common in now a days.  It measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches same size of a normal bag suitable to keep any spaces.  The specialty with the bag is its capability to ride with a person up to 260 pounds.

The Modobag is surely not a motor bike to carry you through the rough road. Its polyurethe wheels are similar to skateboard wheels that only allows you to ride through the leveled surface without much bumps.  For the situations where you can’t ride with your Modobag its easy to pull the bag with the handle.  Anyways it’s a normal luggage bag in number of ways. There is enough interior space to accommodate necessary cloths, side pockets to put your laptop and gadgets. The body is being built by ABS plastic that can survive heavy hit.

To use it , just open the front panel, pull the handle up and switch the bag’s motor on. Push a small lever on the right to accelerate, and grip the brake with your left to stop.  With little prior practice you can manage the flight check in with Modobag with excitement.

Modobag achieved all points to get the necessary approval by the TSA, FAA and ITA.  It takes about an hour to charge and can last about miles.  It also includes two USB ports so you can use the motor’s  battery to top off your phone or tablets between flights.

Now only place to get a Modobag is Indiegogo at the rate of $1295 though the plan for retail sales are already there.  

Saturday, 21 October 2017


Who can be a guard for 7/24 hours , no... man cant’.  But  Garden Space can.  It’s a unit to guard your garden as watering agent, as a pest repellent and as a botanist.

It is combination of devices namely infrared camera, infrared thermometer and a normal RGB camera mounted on the front of its rotating head,

A lot of people dream about joining the sustainable food movement and growing their own food in a home garden. However, you’ve got to know how much to water each plant, how to space them out and how to keep pests out. All that can be difficult to manage. That’s where GardenSpace comes in.
As the manufacturer claims this the first device to provide monitoring , watering and protection of your garden.

GardenSpace  keep vigil over your garden day and night and take pics to monitor the health  of your plants and water them as necessary.  It can monitor up to 100 square feet- and can provide customized care to the plants in that radius.  It calculates water requirement and health of the individual plants.
During night the GardenSpce will be more vigilant with sharp motion sensors to watch any unwelcomed organisms and deter with the water spray.

The presence of camera with 360ᵒ rotating capability helps the unit catch any moving incidence in its territory.  The GardenSpace sustains its life same as the plants- the sun. The presence of spare battery will help the unit during the cloudy days.

Even the unit comprises numerous components, it will not affect the easiness of its operation. Only you need is water supply and Wi-Fi. With the GardenSpace  App you can view and monitor the operations of the unit with your mobile phone. You should provide the device the name of the plants that you are growing in your garden through the App so that it can monitor the water requirement, chlorophyll deficiency etc. Interesting int it? 

The inventor /manufacturer describes;_
A lot of people dream about joining the sustainable food movement and growing their own food in a home garden. However, you’ve got to know how much to water each plant, how to space them out and how to keep pests out. All that can be difficult to manage. That’s where GardenSpace comes in.
GardenSpace can manage the upkeep of 100 square feet, which is enough to grow $700 of produce a year. GardenSpace should be every gardener’s first step towards a successful yield.
Camera, GardenSpace knows and sees all that happens in your garden at all times. 


Friday, 13 October 2017


Google has unveiled Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones. The new phones will go on sale on October last and November first week.

 It is now accepting preorders on the Pixel 2 in Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue, and the Pixel 2 XL in Just Black or Black & White. Both come with either 64- or 128GB of storage.
The squeezabale active edge-on both models- that instantly make avail of the Google Assistant for quick access to all your phone’s most commonly used features,. The performance of the camera has scored the highest mark by DXOMark.
It can achieve the same things as a dual-camera but with a single lens, and the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are the first phones to build in Google Lens.
You will get the same features in both the phones irrespective of the size or price.
The key difference between the two is the 5in full-HD (1920x1080) 16:9 screen on the Pixel 2, and the 6in Quad-HD (538ppi) 18:9 display on the Pixel 2 XL. They offer a wide colour gamut, and have been optimised for VR - both Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are Daydream-ready.
One of the new features is that it can recognize any song you are listening to – without any communication with the Google data base. When you tap , Google Assistant will pop up and offer to find out the source on a music streaming service or the web. And Pixel offers at-a-glance readout of the time and date, reminders and whether you have any notifications.

Both are coming with waterproof, with an IP67 rating - with an all aluminium body that has a refined glass visor that transitions seamlessly into the metal body. The fingerprint scanner is said to be the fastest you'll find in any smartphone, and falls naturally under the finger on the back. Google has also added a splash of colour on the power button.
The new Google phones do away with the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, but you do get a USB-C adaptor in the box.Or you can use a pair of wireless headphones (Google has also announced a version of its own that build in the Google Assistant) or use the stereo speakers.
The primary camera is a 12.2Mp f/1.8 model with 1.4um pixels and OIS. While the original Pixel scored 89 in DXOMark, this new camera acheives 98 - the highest ever recorded in a smartphone camera.
Although it's a single-lens camera, Google's Dual Pixel sensor is able to generate a true depth map that enables the phone to create bokeh-effect (blurred background) photos just as a dual-camera might. This portrait mode works on the 8Mp selfie camera too.
Other new features include AR stickers, with Star Wars versions reportedly coming soon, and Google Lens. We first heard about the latter back at Google I/O. It's a smart feature that works a bit like Bixby Vision, giving you more information on whatever you're looking at. It can read email addresses, phone numbers and more.

In video the Pixel 2 supports both OIS and EIS, thanks to new 'fuse video stabilisation', and Pixel 2 owners will be pleased to learn Google is extending its offer of free Google Photos storage of all their full-resolution photos and video.
In terms of core hardware you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB of RAM and either 64- or 128GB of storage. There's also Bluetooth 5.0 and the latest wireless connectivity.
A fast-charging battery (2700mAh in the Pixel 2 and 3520mAh in the Pixel 2 XL) can last all day, but offers up to 7 hours of use from a 15-minute charge.
Despite the larger screen and bigger battery, Pixel 2 XL is only slightly wider and taller than the Pixel 2. It measures 3x6x0.3in, while the Pixel 2 is 2.7x5.7x0.3in.

The software is obviously Android 8.0 Oreo, and the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will be the first to get any OS updates. Google has moved the Google bar to the bottom of the home screen where it finds it a better fit. You can also squeeze the edge of the handset to bring up the Google Assistant.
Ref: Tech Advisor 

Saturday, 23 September 2017


Just move your fingers , you are controlling the devices is no more a magicians tricks. ‘ Bird ‘ from MUV is a product of combination of Virtual and augmented reality. Interconnectivity of devices through data is not dream any more it’s a reality.  Innovations in these fields are beginning, and will have a profound impact on our daily lives

Magically turning on the lights or locking your home from a distance is the new reality of the revolution of IoT. Soon, all of your appliances and applications will be connected to practically all of your devices to give you better entertainment, better home security or, quite simply, a better state of mind. Everything from window shades to washing machines and your coffee machine will be controlled on your smart phone.

Based on active human sensing wearable technology MUV started the work 4 years back. And now they have developed Bird.  As they claims Bird frees you from your tablet, computer and smart phone.  No need of switching devices. With Bird’s technology you can go from your smart phone to your TV and interact with all your favorite apps in ways you never dreamed of.  Routine jobs like dimming the room light , on a kettle can be done with a whisk of finger . Open your window shades with a swift gesture, turn on television and start your robot vacuum cleaner.
AR & VR (Virtual and augmented reality is going up in to new levels of astonishing proportions.
With this wearable sensing technology, you can control AR & VR content using voice command, maneuver perfectly with gesture control and accomplish absolute and precise positioning.

Web site of muvinteractive describes “Maneuvering perfectly and with precision in gaming is not enough. At MUV Interactive, we know that the future with drones is inevitable. Archeologists are using drones to uncover artifacts with heat sensors in the air, the way we receive our future packages in the future will be using drones and humanitarian missions will use them to deliver medications and food supplies to people in need in remote, hard-to-reach areas. Bird adapts to drones effortlessly. With unimaginable ease, you too can control drones using nothing but your hand in thin air. Ready to start taking pictures from the sky using a camera drone?”

 The Bird will be helpful for presentations in class rooms; conferences; business meetings. People also used to buy Bird to use in laptops or games.

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Dell Launches Workstation - PRECISION 5720 ALL-IN-ONE -VR READY

Dell Launches PC with virtual reality

The recently launched Precision 5720 All-in-One Workstation, has been claimed as the world’s first VR-ready all-in-one (AIO) workstation.  With the support of “AMD Radeon Pro’ graphics, ECC memory and Dell Precision Optimiser-it’s a workstation powerhouse.

The 27-inch Dell Precision 5720 possesses Intel Kaby Lake or Xeon processors, enhanced integrated audio solution and a 4K touch option with fully articulating stand.

Dell official, in a communique said “While celebrating its 20th anniversary the launching of such a product that enhance the quality of professional graphics means truly staying in line with Dell’s legacy of provision of innovative products in the market.”

The digital world after going through an era of the arrival of so many digital products especially in the form of mobile phones; returned back to the world of personal computer sets as the world recognized that nothing can replace the easiness, speed, and versatility of the personal computer. The Dell Inc. one of the world’s leading computer manufacturer’s never wasted time in the research and launching of new innovative systems.

The bulky CPUs are disappearing as it is now coming in a compact form being attached along with the display that surely will save space of your table and give a better look to your room/office. Dell is a pioneer in manufacturing this type of compact models and Precision 5720 is also not an exception.

The system comes with 4K Ultra HD display (touch display also available) Another specialty is 10 speaker sound-system powered by dynamic amplifiers capable of 50W per channel at less than 1 percent THD coupled with Jack Joseph Puig Signature Series powered by Waves MaxxAudio Pro rendering studio-quality production, editing, and playback. The Precision 5720 AIO can support up to three additional 4K displays at 60Hz
The following options and default selections are included with your order.
-Dell MS116 Wired Mouse Black
-Windows 10 Pro 64bit English, French, Spanish
-AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 w/4GB GDDR5
-Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard English Black
-Fixed Stand for Precision 5720 AIO
-500GB 2.5" 7mm SATA (7,200rpm) Hard Drive
-Qualcomm QCA61x4A 2x2 801.11ac + Bluetooth 4.1
-7th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-7500 (Quad Core 3.4GHz, 3.8Ghz Turbo, 6MB) supports Windows 10/Linux
-Dell Precision AIO 5720 Chassis - AMD Radeon Pro WX 4150 - Non-Touch
-8GB (1x8GB) 2400MHz DDR4 Non-ECC

-Dell Precision Optimizer

Saturday, 9 September 2017


Latest release from Apple ; the iPhone8 on September 12
When Apple is celebrating the 10th year of iPhone the mobile lovers are expecting a great surprise in the next release of iPhone that is iPhone8.
Tim Cook the CEO of Apple inc. gives a clue that it will be on 12th of September at an even in California.  
The iPhone 8 has been predicted coming with wireless charging, facial sense, edge-to-edge display.
IPone8 will be without home button.  Two other models the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus which will be upgrades are also being released along with iPhone8.
The Foxconn (the Apple manufacturer) executive indicated that the device will be expensive. It has been expected that it will be 54 per cent more expensive than iPhone 7.
The iPhone 8, will feature a radical change in the design in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone series.  It is also expected that a third generation of the Apple Watch and a 4K Apple TV.


The iPhone8 will looks like a piece of glass and visible pane will be edge to edge. With this design iPhone can increase the size of the display without increasing the actual size of the device. Is it 5.8 inch OLED ?
The device is getting rid of home button ; instead it will rely on Advanced Pressure Detection Technology with 3D touch.
The iPhone scree now also wakes up when the phone is picked up, so there is less need to click a physical home button.

The Facial recognition feature.
The infrared scanner will replace the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and home button to facilitate the face recognition option. The security upgrade is said to be very fast , the function require only “million fraction of a second”.

Colour of the iPhone.
The model is said to be coming with at least three colours, white, black and copper or gold.
Also most probably will replace the aluminium with glass back and aluminium frame.
Developers found references to the technology, dubbed Pearl ID, in code for the HomePod smart speaker. It could be used to unlock the phone, log in to apps and verify Apple Pay transactions. 

It has been expected that Apple is introducing “SmartCam” that can identify different scenes and objects such as fireworks, foliage, babies, snow or pet or sports.
Augmented reality directions 
Clues in Apple's upcoming software suggest it will introduce a new method for directing users. The iPhone 8 could guide users around towns and cities using augmented reality to superimpose directions onto the view through the camera. 

The new security features
It also new safety features, including a do not disturb while driving mode and an Emergency SOS option that will lock thieves out when its owner is in danger. 

Friday, 25 August 2017



The costly 88 inches Samsung 4K with QLED screen is the tops the current market with its technology and price.  As the other models in the Q-Series, the Q9 is extremely thin and features a “non-gap” wall mount along with 1.88mm transparent optical cable.  The display is Ultra HD (3840 x 2160) resolution, 10 bit HDR, 240 Hz refresh, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth with Headset support, four HDMI inputs and Samsung’s  Smart Hub and Smart Remote.
The technology behind it is Samsung's latest-gen QLED, which uses a layer metal "quantum dots" placed
Even though Samsung lack OLED TVs. it came up with QLED, which requires a backlight -- a completely different technology. 

QLED panels are much brighter than OLED While OLED sets have better blacks, since they can turn individual pixels completely off. Samsung also claims its QLED sets can cover 100 percent of the DCI-P3 HDR color space, while OLED sets can't quite do that yet.
Even though QLED is a unique technology the experts have not rated this TV above the OLED TVs.  

-Colour Volume 100% 
-The Next Innovation in TV with Quantum dot
-Bold contrast, night and day
-Q Contrast

-No matter how bright or dark your surroundings, you’ll always see extreme   depth with incomparably bold contrast.

Samsung claims TV is much durable than any other TV in the market as the components are made of completely inorganic long lasting materials. 

Tuesday, 22 August 2017


8GB RAM, Deca Core processor, 16 + 16 Dual rear camera, 13MP Front camera , 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB storage, combination these options are available first time in the world...namely mPhone 7S.

The presence of MU OS is the main feature of the mobile.  With MU OS user interface we can control the mobile without the help of Android. This can work parallelly with the Android OS. The user can change the screen setting by shake to change option. 

Fully loaded Aircraft metal body outcasts the iPhone 7 plus . It uses 3000 mAH lithium polymer battery. C type Fast express charger can fully charge the mobile with in few minutes. Even if the screen size is 5.5 inch the unit weighs only 154gm.  Front finger smart sensor is there to take the screen shots. 

The hybrid vaulty slim slot is the another feature. In mat and glossy finishing, the mobile is available in 5 colours namely red, black, gold, silver and rose gold. 

In short mPhone S is a speedy, slimmest, smartest and secured smart phone.  In other words, can say as the mobile with most stunning features at the current time. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Metal 3D printing? Is it capable to replace traditional metal fabrication?

Metal 3D printing is one of the new exciting development in the industry.  The news of making metallic parts same as ease as 3D plastic printing is quite interesting.

As this technology is the beginning stage, at this point of time we are unable to assess the out come of the application of this technology. One of the promising field that can make use of this technology is the molding of Aircraft parts.

Capability to create entirely new geometries and new design drawing with CAD software the developments in this field are really promising. Currently the areas like space exploration, aerospace and healthcare are testing and using this technology in a considerable proportion.

What is Metal 3D printing:
It is just another name for metal based additive manufacturing process.
Even the Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) or Selective Laser Melting (SLM) are common 3D Metal printing techniques, Direct Metal Laser Melting (DMLM) which used a powder bed and laser that melts and fuses those powders into layers on a build platform.  The other method DED (Direct energy deposition) sends a spray of powdered metal through a nozzle. The tightly focused “beam” of powder is struck by a laser which fuses the powder

 solid at the point of deposition.  Even though DMLM method is slower than DED; and require more careful designing the out put is stronger and durable.

Even though the idea of Metal 3D printing is exciting and ambitious, this technology has to undergo lots of research in order to apply in the commercial manufacturing arena. The main challenge facing 3D Metal printing is the production of tremendous heat that not only adversely affect the printer itself but also mar the finishing product. The more the duration of the production the more the chances of the making of the imperfect product.
However like all other fields were the initial obstacles have successfully overcame by the relentless hard work and attempt of man, lets hope the metal printing also will flourish in the feature by defeating the numerous difficulties that are special to this challenging field.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017


In the imaging and distance capturing field Penatax keeps one of the best positions.
Along with its various surveying instruments, like Total Stations, Laser distance levels and auto levels, they have introduced drones, The D-600 is a drone that can carry camera upto 9 Kg for 20 minutes with 1 battery set.  The using of drones for surveying functions will not only enhance the demand for the copters for commercial purposes, but also help to make more clear, precise and accurate images. 
 It can make a direct geopositioning without ground control points or RTK base station.
A large format camera can be equipped with large scale mapping. Optional GPS+GLONAS OR GPS+GLONASS or GPS+GLONASS+BEIDOU GNSS can be added to POS-2  high precision positioning and orientation systems.

Precise aerial imaging system
6 Rotor multicopter with autopilot
Easy operation
Increased operating time up to 25 min
Can carry cameras up to 9 kg
Equipped with autopilot system for setting up flight route
Equipped with FPV for monitoring real image from the camera

Angle measurement
Angle measurements are being done by means of electro-optical scanning of extremely prices digital bar-codes carved on rotating glass cylinders or disc within the instrument. 

Distance measurement

A modulated IR carrier signal produced by a small solid-state emitter within the instrument's optical path and reflected by a prism reflector or the object under survey. 
The modulation pattern in the returning signal is read and interpreted by the computer in the total station. 

Coordinate measurement.

The coordinates of an unknown point relative to a known coordinate can be determined using the total station as long as a direct line of sight can be established between the two points. Angles and distances are measured from the total station to points under survey, and the coordinates (X, Y, and Z or easting, northing and elevation) of surveyed points relative to the total station position are calculated using trigonometry and triangulation.  

Data processing
Some models include internal electronic data storage to record distance, horizontal angle, and vertical angle measured, while other models are equipped to write these measurements to an external data collector, such as a hand-held computer.
When data is downloaded from a total station onto a computer, application software can be used to compute results and generate a map of the surveyed area. The newest generation of total stations can also show the map on the touch-screen of the instrument immediately after measuring the points.
Total stations are mainly used by land surveyors and civil engineers, either to record features as in topographic surveying or to set out features (such as roads, houses or boundaries). They are also used by archaeologists to record excavations and by police, crime scene investigators, private accident reconstructionists and insurance companies to take measurements of scenes.
Total stations are the main survey instrument used in mining surveying.
A total station is used to record the absolute location of the tunnel walls, tops (ceilings), and floors as the drifts of an underground mine are driven. The recorded data are then downloaded into a CAD program, and compared to the designed layout of the tunnel.
Total stations have become the highest standard for most forms of construction layout . They are most often used in the X and Y axis to lay out the locations of penetrations out of the underground utilities into the foundation, between floors of a structure, as well as roofing penetrations.
Also use total stations to track weather balloons for determining upper-level winds. With the average ascent rate of the weather balloon known or assumed, the change in azimuth and elevation readings provided by the total station as it tracks the weather balloon over time are used to compute the wind speed and direction at different altitudes. Additionally, the total station is used to track ceiling balloons to determine the height of cloud layers. Such upper-level wind data is often used for aviation weather forecasting and rocket launches.
Enhanced reflectorless total stations with WinCE operating system
A truly integrated system
Long EDM range:
reflectorless up to 800 m
in prism mode up to 4,000 m
3.5" Display with touch screen
Easy transfer to PC via USB mini, RS-232C data port and USB Flash Drive
Bluetooth class 2
Available in 1", 2", 3" & 5" accuracy

Reflectorless total stations with
WinCE operating system
WinCE 7.0 operating system
Long EDM range: reflectorless up to 500 m in prism mode up to 4,000 m
Easy transfer to PC via USB mini, RS-232C data port and USB Flash Drive
Bluetooth class 2
3.5" Display with touch screen
Available in 1", 2", 3" & 5" accuracy

Enhanced reflectorless total stations with
on-board PowerTopoLite software
Long EDM range:
reflectorless up to 800 m
in prism mode up to 4,000 m
Large internal memory: 60,000 points
Dual display
Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
Pre-loaded versatile software functions
Dual battery system for long time use
Bluetooth class 1 long link: 100 m
Available in 1", 2", 3" & 5" accuracy

Reflectorless total stations with on-board
PowerTopoExpress2 software
Long EDM range measuring distance in reflectorless up to 500 m and in prism mode up to 4,000 m
Large internal memory: 60,000 points
Dual display as a standard equipment
Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
Pre-loaded versatile software functions
Dual battery system for long time use
Available in 1", 2", 3" & 5" accuracy

Reflectorless total stations with on-board
PowerTopoExpress2 software
Long EDM range measuring distance in reflectorless up to 500 m and in prism mode up to 4,000 m
Large internal memory: 60,000 points
Dual display as a standard equipment
Easy transfer to a PC via SD card, USB mini and RS-232C data port
Pre-loaded versatile software functions
Dual battery system for long time use
Available in 1", 2", 3" & 5" accuracy

S-3180 with integrated camera.
Increased efficiency in image data capturing.
Integrated control panel
High resolution color display
Dual-axis compensator
Laser class 1
Range: 187 m
High-speed 1 million pixels/second
320° X 360° Field-of-view
Light & compact
Intuitive operating concept
Quick-scan feature
100% Standalone
Encapsulated mirror
Completely integrated HDR color camera
USB Ports & LEMO connections