Saturday, 7 January 2017


Engineers, R&D professionals and thermographers who require best image quality accurate details in their images will always prefer IR thermal image cameras from Fluke , a company has been in the field since 60 years.

Diamond turned germanium lenses produces an out put of crisp detailed images and more accurate measurements.  Plus gives 4times the resolution in SuperResolution  mode and get the image quality you need to make the right diagnosis.  The IR fusion technology with AutoBlend enables brilliant details and reveals the exact location of the problem. Optional add-on lenses can be used to get more details that would be difficult with a standard infrared lens due to their size and distance.


-Oil and gas predictive maintenance
-Research and development (electrical,mechanical,biolgy,microelectronics)

With Fluke connect system the instrument can sync wirelessly with other instruments and complete the report  by importing the images.

Resolution 1024 X 768
180 Deg. Rotating lens.
5.7 “ screen
Built in laser distance meter
With Fluke connect app communicate with outside by using e-mail etc.
High temperature measurement (up to 1200 deg C.)
Limitless storage capability due to interchangeable SD cards (each card holds thousand of images)
Built in voice recording and annotation.
Streaming video.
Optional 2x and 4x telephoto wide angle and macro lenses
Remote control and operation.
Windows based navigation menu.
…and many other capabilities.