Thursday, 16 February 2017

Intel Compute card to shake the gadget market

Intel is introducing a new product that is  versatile in its capability simply serve as fully functional computer .  Compute card is small in size but not in capabilities.  Its just slightly longer than a credit card  at 95mm x 55mm x5 mm.  

Compute card is till at the finishing stage in the factory expected to be in various ranges of processor families.  Intel Compute card offers an optimal solution to power everything from enty-level to  developed fully functional  host devices.

While it is not quite small enough  to  fit in your wallet as it hosts CPU, memory, storage, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity all come together  in one that is swappable
It use a “USB-C plus extension connector” to provide USB and PCIe data connectivity along with both HDMI  and DisplayPort

It is not necessarily the forthcoming Compute card may not be go along with our desk top computers.  Most probably it is aiming to devices like smart TVs, refrigerators and other appliances, cars, various digital devices.

Compute cards should be available in mid 2017s, 

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