Thursday, 27 July 2017


Fujifilm have launched  new camera , that can be described as combination of electronics and Polaroid technology that gives instant photos.

The Fuji film Instax Mini 9 is built of plastic, but of impeccable finish. At the back, there is a small compartment for the film cartridge, an optical viewfinder and a counter which shows you the number of unused film sheets remaining.  The batteries slot in on the side and there is a loop for the wrist strap on both sides.


The processed film is ejected from the top.  There are flash and light measuring sensors the automatically adjust the exposure.  There are a power button and shutter button besides the lens.   In order to switch between different exposures, the ring around the lens will be used.  The Hi-Key is the only key that can actually force the camera to use that sets the flash to go off at its maximum intensity for low-light situations.  Other wise the camera automatically calculates the best exposure and switched to it, which is indicated by different LEDs.  The instax Mini 9’s film sheets give up to to 62 x 46cm photos.  The chemicals contained in the little pocket at the bottom of the sheets when exposed to light pushed in to the frame with help of rollers as it is ejected from the camera. The film will take around 2 minutes to develop fully. The frames can be personalized with white frames and drawings, etc.
The flash always fires, no matter the light conditions.  The presence of close up lens that can be clipped on the front of the main lens and that allows to shoot the objects as close as a foot away from the lens. 

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