Saturday, 28 October 2017

Now ride with your luggage- Modobag

The Modobag, is really helpful when you have to move across a long airport lounge, that has been a common in now a days.  It measures 22 x 14 x 9 inches same size of a normal bag suitable to keep any spaces.  The specialty with the bag is its capability to ride with a person up to 260 pounds.

The Modobag is surely not a motor bike to carry you through the rough road. Its polyurethe wheels are similar to skateboard wheels that only allows you to ride through the leveled surface without much bumps.  For the situations where you can’t ride with your Modobag its easy to pull the bag with the handle.  Anyways it’s a normal luggage bag in number of ways. There is enough interior space to accommodate necessary cloths, side pockets to put your laptop and gadgets. The body is being built by ABS plastic that can survive heavy hit.

To use it , just open the front panel, pull the handle up and switch the bag’s motor on. Push a small lever on the right to accelerate, and grip the brake with your left to stop.  With little prior practice you can manage the flight check in with Modobag with excitement.

Modobag achieved all points to get the necessary approval by the TSA, FAA and ITA.  It takes about an hour to charge and can last about miles.  It also includes two USB ports so you can use the motor’s  battery to top off your phone or tablets between flights.

Now only place to get a Modobag is Indiegogo at the rate of $1295 though the plan for retail sales are already there.  

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