Saturday, 13 January 2018


Huawei launches a hybrid Wi-Fi system being called as lightning Wi-Fi. WiFi Q2 lets users pair a base station with up to 16 satellites to broaden the coverage of a Wi-fi network. This is also capable to deliver a superfast connection of up to 1867Mbps by pairing with Power Line Communication and mesh Wi-Fi. 

Huawei with its WiFi Q2 is a solution to number of issues regarding the installation of the traditional Wi-Fi network related to width and shape the of building.  The system comprises a distinct gigabit PLC module that facilitate network access transverse walls.  Even though the main unit installation require five steps installation process, the sub units come with simple, plug and play functionality.

As per the manufacturer WiFi Q2 is 5GHz 5GHz frequency band, can easily support up to 192 devices that are connected. It includes a base station and 16 satellites. It supports 16 hotspots and let to add additional stellites without any manual configurations.  If you are looking for a single solution to avoid the mess of number of devices and wires, this is the right solution.

The single Wi-Fi connectivity nature of the Huawei WiFi Q2 enables the system to offer 100ms switching time on 802.11v protocol. Plus, there is an anti-brute force algorithm that helps to prevent any outside or unwanted access to the network.

The new device from Huawei with no any possibility of competitors for the time being expected to be soon in the market